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Hello, This is Milk and Honey

Welcome to The Milk and Honey Shop , a place where you will be nurtured, fed and inspired.

This space was created to be an all encompassing resource for those who need and want to be filled with knowledge , love, beauty and inspiration. Milk feds us and sustains us to help us grow. It is created for that purpose. Honey , created by Bees, give us sweetness and has nourished us over the millennia. That’s what you will get here at Milk and Honey Shop Whether it’s homeschooling inspiration , mothering moments, reflections , birth stories or just little glimpses inside my hive… you can find it here. I just want to thank you for the encouragement and push to share my passion, purpose and work in all its forms with you . I hope you enjoy the journey with me and my busy bees.

Tanya Smith-Johnson

Founder & CEO

Please let me introduce myself and share more about my life’s work.


My name is Tanya Smith-Johnson, and my mission and purpose is to communicate and teach with my clients all I have learned through my deeply lived experience.


I am a mother, homeschooler, veteran, birth worker and advocate for the midwifery model of care, reproductive justice, birth equity and the improvement of birth outcomes for black, brown and indigenous people.


Currently, I reside in Honolulu with my husband of 20 years and six children.

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