Tatum’s Birth Story

Updated: May 22, 2020

This picture gallery was originally posted in June of 2015 at MamaMandy.com. Tatum. A Community Birth Story In Pictures.

A doula as photographer. A promised midwife as doula. A promised midwife as new mother (for the fifth time). A mother midwife who guides us all..

I have but one child, so to see this abundant family unit operate, support, and witness each other brought home the notion once again that really, nothing else matters. Thank you for allowing me in.

We were on a tropical island as mama made her own waves, listening to ocean sounds from an iPhone with a ceiling fan as the breeze. The birth was fast, and as we all excitedly anticipated her babe, standing room only, mama, who spoke maybe ten words in the depths of her process, calmly yet firmly stated, “Too many people standing.” We bowed down.

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