What Do We Do in this Moment

The past few weeks have been a worldwind. What do we say, What do we do. We are dealing with more than just one pandemic. One has been around for a long time and it is bubbling to the surface. Like a wound that needs healing. Milk and Honey was created to be a place of inspiration and insight ...Love and joy. However in recent weeks, it has been hard to find the words. What do you say to our children about what is happening? What do we do?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. What do I say to you? And I will say this. We are in unprecedented times. In this moment we have the opportunity to really understand what matters...what is important...what is worth fighting for. And that fight can look many different ways and take many forms. For black mothers, I say it is okay for us to rest. It is okay for us to feel and disengage. It is okay to take the time you need to be okay. It is also ok for us to not be okay. I am telling you right now that it is okay to put your phones down and not scroll thru the news and commentary. It is ok to not bear the burden of educating white people. You can be weary and feel all that you are feeling. You are not obligated to be everyone else's kleenex or baggage carrier. You don't have to carry that load. I know you are already overwhelmed. From being thrust into a new normal due to Covid-19 to dealing with the collective anger and pain of so many while simultaneously worrying about your children is more than enough. So in this moment I say do whatever brings you peace and joy. We have plenty of time to get to talking about homeschooling or what the school year will look like in the fall. For now, I want you to protect your peace and well-being. It is okay.

To white parents, this is the time to start with yourselves and ask some questions. Ask yourself why are you just now outraged? What about this moment has activated you. Why not before now? Why are you shocked now? Were previous incidents not enough? What about this moment has opened your eyes? And what are going to do about it?

We will continue to have these conversations and explore because we are in this together. The way you parent and conditon your children matters. What we pour into them matters. And it should go without saying ..black lives matter and It is imperative that you think they do and teach your kids the same. This is how we all get free and change the world as we know it.

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